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W.U. 0x17

So as I said some time ago I looking for people which will gain access to actual game with all its features and bugs :] This week I will look for one person but as it is in life nothing for free :] I looking for person that would like to take care of script and doing changes in original story (exactly the part that happening on first island). Person that will take care of this will be added to credits as "writer" and will gain access to newest version of game. All willing to apply please send me message or do some comment bellow. But returning to this week update :] I done many changes in game and engine. Right now I do some preparation to speed up the game. This is rather side task because my main task is to allow me to do effective GUI, decals (posters, papers, leafs on ground), particle system and probably many other things. It's funny but the changes needed to do that are pretty big so I don't sleep to much and working on it. Of course like in almost ever

W.U. 0x16

This week is under sign of changes :] Last week I planned to show something this week but right now there is too much happening in game and I'm not satisfy with actual effect so sorry but this will be next week without anything interesting:] And on this short information I will end for today post :] and I have faith that very soon I will show effects of my work but right now I'm going back to writing.

W.U. 0x15

Today I will not write about changes in game :] but about something still interesting. In very near future I will give access to actual version of project for maximum 8 people. What will gain select people:  - access to actual version of game (each new version will be released in 2-4 weeks),  - they will have influence on game,  - they will show in credits,  - and maybe some people will gain access to tools (I still thinks about it). How I will select this 8 people? I don't know :] People that I look for don't need to know programming, modeling and things like that. I just search people with ideas that will help make this game better, test it and show me my mistakes or maybe even help me in developing .  So till next week :]

W.U. 0x14

This week I again late with post one day :] but yesterday I worked to late and on end I just go sleep. So on what I worked so hard? I changed my character animation manager. Before I had almost all information about animations wrote in code :] but this was stupid solution. My character class looked like big hack for this game. Any slightly change needed recompilation, I couldn't good control of animations and other problems like that. Right now I created system that allow me to overcome most of this problems. I have scripts which define how should animations be played in given situation. Bellow you can see example script: if (on_ground == 1) {     if (speed >= 0.1)     {         play("Run", true)     }     elif (speed >= 0.04)     {          play("Walk", true)     }     else     {         play("Stand", true)     }   }   else   {         play("Jump", true)   } I'm still not satisfy with its actual state and for sure I will