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W.U. 0x1C

On begin I will say that I didn't finished everything I planed for this week. I started work on harbor part of citadela island (you can see how it look bellow) and done some WIP of cave location.  From more technical things I worked or still work on: - mechanism of load screens  - two types of controlling character (classic and new mode)  - pad support to game.  And that's all for this week.

W.U. 0x1B

I have some good news in this week. - Thanks to people that I invited to cooperation with me were found a lot of bugs, irritating things and  I saw some fresh look how this game should develop in time. Of course big thanks to them from my side.  - I finished prototype of all locations in game. Of course they are simply placeholders where you see mostly shape of location but still this is big step in production because now in game you are able to freely walk to each of this location. You will need to believe me on word because today I will not show any screens or videos.  - I done a lot of fixes and optimization. In this week I won't do too much because in weekend I will be out. So till next week.

W.U. 0x1A

This is very tiring week. Right now only 3 more places left for people that want participate in testing remake. Thanks to people that participate I found some bugs, some of them are already repaired and some are still under work. But in the end I have faith that everything will work fine and I will sleep enough. From game features I resolved problem with shadows that maybe some of you see in all movies when camera move away from Twinsen. I do to some tweaks in lighting because there were to dark on maps. That's not everything what I done but other are still under development. So till next week.

W.U. 0x19

After last week joke almost everything return to normal. Except that this time week update is pretty late. This week I started cooperation with 4 people which have access to game and I still search for 4 more people. It toke me some time to prepare everything what is need to such a cooperation. And after I finish on begin came some nasty bugs with OpenGL frame buffer object extension. Of course most of the work I done in meantime of normal production, so to my long list of different kind of task came another. But I'm happy because it's look like I finished most of it in week. There is one more good news I decided at last show next preview so have nice watching and till next week :]

WU 018

Today I decided to finish the project and it's my final decision. I thought about it from long ago there is too much problems and too much work for one person. From now on I plan to only play games and relax :]