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Engine interview question

My friend know someone who is going to have skype interview for a position as engine junior programmer. I was asked for some guide or hints for this person. I think that this topic is interesting enough to change my long reply into nice post and hear what you think about it:) My email to him looked like this: " First he should stop being stressful and asking question of others what can be on interview. If he has knowledge and luck he will pass. Sometimes is more about luck than knowledge but generally If he will get too stressful, even luck won’t help him. About question they can ask whatever they want from just: How are you? Where you were studding? What you were studding? Why do you decide to have interview with us? To more technical one like: What programming languages you know and how well? What engines you know? If he sent them CV there will be probably few question about stuff you put there. If he worked previously somewhere I would expect question like: What y