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Catching up

There is so much going on this year that I don’t have too much time to write posts. For this who don’t follow my other blog this is some summary of most important changes: In February I started working for Unity Technologies. Engine slowly transit to Physics Base Rendering (PBR). I released new video with game progress. Been at Unity HackWeek XII (I’m even on one of photos at blog, find me if you can :P) Dropping kinematic character physics in game. Now that I think about it each of this points could be separate post. But well there is no point in thinking about past and let’s focus on present and topics I work on in the same time: PBR transition. Physics changes. Game not working smooth. PBR transition This slow down a little bit because I try to read in free time recommended by friend moving frostbite to pbr . I start to see how much knowledge I missing to do it properly. There is all this sections about lights par