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Editor disaster ...

So I'm still waiting for starting of my new job in Unity Technologies so I have some spare time. I use it to see Copenhagen, drink coffee, meet new people and of course as always: coding.  This time in my coding journey I try to figure out reason behind my slow reaction time of editor. My windows machine handed everything perfectly fine but my a lot slower laptop with Linux gave terrible results :/ How bad? I tried to rotate scene and there was few second delay between action and reaction So really bad. There was no choice but to fix it. 

Resource building

As you may notice I like to push my tech to it's limit. Because of that I recently decided to switch to a lot better way of building resources. I took my app that were containing everything and split it on 3 different one. They run as separate processes which connect with each other using TCP/IP. Comparing to previous setup this solution have a lot of advantages and this is some of them: If one node crash I can just restart it and run whole setup further. Whole node setup is scalable so I can have 100 of nodes. I can run nodes on different machines.  I can dispatch new version of building nodes to different machines automatically. I can build specialized Python nodes for some of work. Application don't need to have all this shitty code of resource compilation. Whole concept became a lot easier to control. So as you can see there is a lot of improvement :) comparing to previous one.