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Prison Stories and Clay figures

There are few things I would like to share with you :] The first one is that I added new post about LBA:  Prison stories . The second one is new clay figure project:  Hydralisk for StarCraft. It's still work in progress so it's not ideal but well I think it's already look cool. The other one is that I finally finished painting Dino Fly : Before painting Painted version I think it's look nicer this way :] Greg

Changes ...

Each day bring changes sometimes bigger sometimes smaller. Today bringing change that probably not a lot from you expected but well : after 4 years there will be no more posts about Little Big Adventure Remake development on this blog. But don't worry about this :] I moving officially development news on new blog: This is also day when I switch on using Coffe Monsters™ name for game production. So probably you wonder what about this blog ? It will still exist, but it will change a little bit it content. From now on you will be able to find here: Sharing knowledge about programming, 3D modeling, digital drawing. Information about my personal works : modeling in clay, painting and other weird hobbies. Some weird post about other things :] I want believe that this is next step in developing Little Big Adventure which will result in better contact with all people who are interested in project. Greg Wojciechowski