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W.U. 0x25

Another week of fixes and changes. This time many of theme were done in managing of game objects. To say truth they weren't necessary to create game but when you develop something bigger than simple pacman you see that there is need to have some mechanism that are intuitive and thanks to that development later can be speed up (I spend week now but in perspective of all development I will save a lot more). Other thing I work on is my movie widget. You probably remember it from some screens: As you see it's very simple tool that allowed me to create movies of objects in engine. Not characters but more like moving platforms, opening doors and things like that. I decided to finish this part of engine because I put it away in meantime of production (there were more important things to do then) but now I returned to it and do modernization of films. So here how it's look now : It's still under development and will take some time to finish it fully but even now i

W.U. 0x24

As I said last week I do right now some maintenance works so not too much to talk about. Fixes and cleanups of existing things mostly in tools. Other thing is that I had a request in one of comments on youtube: " btw, can you maybe record something from inside the engine where you build everyhing, i wolud love to see how it works." I will prepare some movie about this but I don't know exactly when :] So that's all in this week update.

W.U. 0x23

This time small jump in numbers :] Last week in Sunday evening I remembered to write post but on end I was so tired that I went to sleep and forgot about it. So what happened in this time: On my long list things to do there are some that I put away because I hadn't time on them. In the end I decided to do them earlier because this list grown a little to big. So I adding undo to all operation in editor , fix some things that don't work the way I want, finish unfinished features and remove some unused things. Of course I didn't forgot about game I done big changes in physics most because I added weapons to enemies (handling bullets wasn't so easy as it look on begin). And a lot of small changes and fixes. So to summary I took some little break on developing new things and focus mostly on this existed. And for some time I plan to stay in this state because without good basis I will not be able make good game. So till next week.

W.U. 0x21

On begin I wold like to thanks two people: You Tube user  rezoner1337 for publishing info about remake on  wykop  and forum user M2Grzegorczy for  this topic . It's really great to see that they shown such a initiative and to say truth the moment I saw this posts I couldn't believe. So what else left for me thanks you again. Second thing is the problem I was pinpointed by few people: there is no easy way to communicate with me. So I added email contact on blog because alexfont wrote that he couldn't found any. Maybe any of you have other proposition how to make contact with me easier? And on end progress of game: this week I spend mostly on AI and removing sliding of player. I will not say to much here because I plan to show both things in next movie which will have this time music created specially for game by Jesse Gorter . From more interesting changes is shown of discrete mode with animation and influence on gameplay. So everything is going in good