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Bug in rendering of editor

Week ago I wrote post about porting editor to linux . I was mentioning there this weird bug : Editor works (Yes I know that drawing area is shifted to right. This is one of bugs that I still don't know why happening and I already spend on it like two days :/) Which is really nicely visible on this screen shoot: I spend on it like three days and still wasn't able to figure out why it happening or find any trace of it. I tried to ignore it but after noticing similar issues with blender and chrome I decided on desperate step.  From my experience I know that upgrades of system never ending good. This is the reason why I try avoid them as much as it possible. But well sometimes you need to do stupid things so I decided to update my Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) and graphics card drivers (fglrx-14.301) to newest versions. What went good: I was nicely surprised that system upgrade went without bigger problems. There were two steps 14.04 -> 14.10 -> 15.04 which took s

Scripting language in game ....

I know I know I stepping on thick Ice. Some people love scripting languages other hate and other don't care. Personally I still don't know to which group I belong. I somehow understand all sides: Scripting language: [+] Have quick iteration time [+] Non programmer can do some simple stuff [+] It's easier than native code [+] Separate game from engine [-] Can be slow (most of the time is) [-] Use garbage collector so it was more user friendly  [-] Can be tricky to debug. Native code: [+] Can be really efficient [+] Give you access to everything [+] You have full control [+/-] No garbage collector [-] Can get easily messy [-] Easy thing can take really a lot of time [-] Slow iteration time [-] You need really good programmers to utilize it Because I'm not 100% sure about using scripting language in game I will try to create some add-on to engine so you could use scripts but you weren't forced to do this if you want.  And here start my