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W.U. 0x02

I think that this week I finished with good results. I done almost everything what I planned. Materials are finished, geometry buffers upgraded and I think that everything going in good direction because I don't plan any bigger changes for engine in nearest time. I will only add elements that are necessarily to development of game of course there still left some things that I want to change in engine but they will need to wait to the final state of project or begining of other :] So, what I plan on coming week? I plan to spend some time on modeling and of course writing game and fixing errors that will show in meantime :] Bugs are always worth of removing.

W.U. 0x01

This week is under sign of traveling and big changes in materials. In weekend I had visited Toruń and Bydgoszcz where I meet great people. Other days I spend on changing material system. I try to do some cleanups and optimization: flattening the structure of inheriting, create separate configuration of material for shadow casting and some upgrade of managing material. In the same time I try to separate cg from material system. In the end I think that I opened Pandora Box and It will take some time before I close it again. So plan on next week is to finish changes in material, some small changes in geometry buffers and recover everything (editor, tools, and game) so I could step by step return to working on game.

W.U. 0x00

I will begin from today the series of post in which I will write what I had done in game in each week. So short what changed in this week.: This week is next long week with optimization. After switching on deferred shading my performance is lower then before. On my computer in work I still have over 120 fps but this is not the computer that is my target it is just too good. To show difference on my personal computer I have right now around 40 fps.  To say sincerely I'm not satisfied with it. Of course I could always say I will do optimization on the end but I'm not follower of this idea. Waiting with big optimization till the last moment is the worst way of doing things. You have created assets, exported them to game, created game logic and almost everything is ready. But on the end you need to change them because you done changes in model format or engine interface to gain better performance. Other things that I started to do are changes in models. Right now I&

L.B.A. Remake is (un)dead.

This time I have some good and bad news, I will begin from good and bad I will left for the end, that way will be better.