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Zjazd Twórców Gier

In weekend 27-28.10.2012 I will have presentation on in Poznań. My topic is "The story of one man, own game" ("Historia jednego człowieka czyli własna gra") I will try to show in this presentation how different can be work at home and in full time job. And of course how it look when you do this two things in the same time. From other interesting things there will be show in real time of tools and L.B.A. remake game. Maybe somebody will come to it, time will show :]

About break.

3 months of break from writing new posts it's pretty long time. You probably think what changed in this time, truth is that most of the time I worked on things that aren't visible on first look. But they are still important part of my work on which right now I spend most of my time so in last 3 months: I rewrote lua integration with engine, worked on rtti, changed in few places class hierarchy and of course added few interesting mechanics that helped me a lot in development. Of course there are few visible changes too. One of them is first version of menu system. I don't think about it as final version but in meantime it should be enough. As you can see I test features on my test location which is visible on screens.  I go back to work because I still have a lot to do. So to next time.