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Some good information.

Yesterday or I can say even today (I worked to late) I almost finished big part of changes in "new" animation system. It is very big step in project road to alpha version. There were a lot of changes that will speed up work and allow me to better control everything. Why new animation ? Because : It allow to shared one animation between models with different armature. There is changed communication interface:  game <-> armature There is  made new animation format which is quicker, and more intuitive to debug. There is rewrote tools to export animations from blender. It support new format. It can extract only animations, only model or both. It's quicker. So you see there were a lot of changes. But maybe some of you noticed that I wrote new in quotations marks. I done it because this system isn't new   it's just extended old system. Truth that more than half of it was rewrite from scratches but even this new part of code base on old. I like thi