Why there is no next preview of LBA

I thought about adding new preview from around two weeks. I had very evil plan to create from it some kind of parody what I don't want to do. But I endure this thoughts and in final create it in somehow normal way. But get to the point.

What is happening ? Is project still exist is it grow ? And answers are yes and yes. Project is growing well but probably not the way that could be topic of full preview. Because how to show that I fixed system of object managing or extended mechanic of engine ? There is no way that I can do that.

Of course I could do like some other projects (how I hate post like that):

I could create on fast some sketch and put very detailed information what I will do in final release. I will write it but in some next post I probably would wrote other things about how this all would look. But who care ? I wrote my vision that changed in a  few weeks. But where project ?

I could make other movie about models I created but how long I can do that ? For each movie I should then create some good looking models which would take long time. Of course I could add post in each week: I created stone, I created sword, I created one pot. Of course all that without textures or in wip state from graphic program or put in editor from ready engine (i.e. UDK). You can find many post like that, I think that they are stupid. And when I see news like that I always close tab in my web browser or press button back.

In this place I will say that some groups do great thing publishing news where they show progress (not necessarily big i.e. Overgrowth or recruits in indiedb. I think that many groups should learn from them all.

And of course how could I forget to post that show the same scene as last 10 post but with minor changes. And say that the projects develops great (of course without showing any mechanics development).

I could do all that ore one of them but is boring to force myself to create something special for only such post. On the end I probably would change them to put in game or even recreate from scratches. I have of course some things that I could show but there would be no effect wow project grow in month. More then that it would be effect: again I show almost the same thing as last. And if you think about this as a few hours to put such a movie on you tube you will understand why I sometimes prefer to do something to game in this time.

On the end I will say that this post probably should have name: Which type of news in indie developing I hate the most or something like that. But I decided to connect it to previews topic because there weren't many post wrote about them from Preview 8.


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