W.U. 0x20

And as I said last time new preview is available:

As you can see a lot has changed. Right now I mostly focus on gameplay so I do test of AI (some of them you can see on end of movie), changes in fight, items managing, fix some problem with physics and many other things. To say truth I don't remember them all :P So I'm going back to work and till next week.


  1. I'm jealous with the engine you are creating here. I can see this engine been used in future on other adventure games. LBA is indeed a great sandbox for it.
    Only by seen it, I'm starting to have motivation to switch from 2D to 3D as soon as I finished my game.

  2. Thanks it's nice to see that you like it. But I see it as early version I would say basics on which I still work a lot.

  3. I can imagine the amount of work you've been doing, but the good thing is that you surely learning a lot with it.

  4. Yes you are right I learned a lot with this project but as you say I spend equivalent amount of time to this knowledge:]


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